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The Science Behind Why You Love Norman Reedus

1. There’s a reason you love his shoulders.


For men, according to evolutionary theory, the android body shape with greater musculature on the upper body and a narrow pelvis with little waist is associated with higher testosterone and good health. This is the classic “V-shaped” body, and men with this type are seen as more dominant. (source)

2. Age isn’t just a number, baby. 


Women also prefer slightly older men, because age is associated with greater accumulation of resources. (source)

A woman faces a bigger investment when choosing a partner; she’s going to go through nine months of pregnancy and will need food and nutrition in order to reproduce, as well as the resources for it. An older man with his finances in order and a high social status is a safe choice. (source)

3. Speaking of babies…


Men had to protect their offspring from the everyday lion encounter. A sissy boy would run away from the lion but a protector would risk his life to protect his family. Women evolved to instinctually seek this protector quality in a man, because she knew if she didn’t find that quality her offspring would most likely die. (source)

4. Perhaps it’s all in the eyes…


Macho features such as a strong jaw and squinty eyes advertise that a guy possesses high testosterone, according to the immunocompetence handicap hypothesis. Since high levels of this masculinizing hormone interfere with the immune system, the theory goes, macho men must be extra-fit to withstand the handicap their extra testosterone confers. (source)

5. Women love the “bad boy.”


Women choose bad boys because their hormones make them… When ovulating a woman’s hormones influence who she sees as good potential fathers, and they specifically pick sexier men over obviously more dependable men. (source)

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