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I’m positive that Norman has thought this through, his book of art by the fans. Every concern I see, I’m sure he’s thought of it and set things up in place to ensure that artwork isn’t stolen.

But he’s a big boy, he’s an adult, he’s not stupid. He doesn’t deserve to be lectured, even contacted…

I’ve seen a couple reassuring posts like a-pathetic-fangirl ‘s that make good points and puts me at ease somewhat. But even so, there are…

I’m not trying to say that it isn’t a legitimate concern. My point is: there’s several steps they can (and will) take to ensure that artists’ work is protected. Like you said, he’s an artist himself. He’s also working with someone on this, someone who probably has experience in this area of publishing. Those should both be reassuring.

It’s definitely a legitimate concern, but it’s also not an issue right now. We have no information on how they’re going to ensure creativity is being protected, nor is there any reason to assume some sort of deficiency in that area. Worrying about it - because there’s pretty much nothing to defend/guard/fight back against - is just unnecessary stress :)


I’m really hoping and praying that folks don’t go stealing the artwork of others to submit for Norman’s book. It will be downright horrible for an artist to see their work credited to someone else in such a publication. It’s such a wonderful gesture on Norman’s part to do something like this but…

This is pure speculation, but I imagine they’ll put pictures through originality checks - a few reverse image searches, along with submitters filling out legal whatsamastuffs if their piece makes it in the book. It’s still possible, but if someone posts their original art, it should show up in an originality check. 

Hey, I was just curious, do you know any other blogs revolving around TWD actors? Like Steven, Lauren, Andrew, or anyone else? I need more than just Norman all over my blog.


Personally, what I follow are Reedus or TWD in general (not focused on one cast member). So I don’t have any personal recommendations that I can think of! But Tumblr has a great feature, where you can search for something and it will suggest blogs that are themed around that thing.

So, for example, if you search Andrew Lincoln, it suggests: dailyandrewlincolnandrewlincolnissexywhitechocolat, andrewlincolnruinedmylife, and more. 

Lauren Cohan: laurencohanfan, fuckyeahlaurencohan, queenlaurencohan, and more

Steven Yeun: allthingsstevenyeun, stevenyeunspain, bitchofstevenyeun, and more. 

I realize that tumblr automatically selects those based on your search phrase appearing in the URL and description, but it’s still a great way to discover new blogs. Additionally, if you see something you like - a gif set, photo set, text post, etc. about a cast member, it’s also a pretty safe bet to click the source and find more! If this is all stuff you knew, I apologize. 

Sorry I couldn’t give personal recommendations. I know plenty of other TWD blogs, but not those for just one person. I hope you find more lovely blogs to follow! :)



Stop that! 

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When you ask people to stop posting your gifs, and they blame you for losing credit because you didn’t add a watermark… No I’m not going to add a super annoying block of words to everything I make just so you can feel less guilty about stealing.

If you could put Norman in a movie, in what would be? I imagine him in Pirates of the Caribbean ... A dream seeing him perform with Johnny Depp (sighs)


That sounds so wonderful :) I love this so much, you’re letting me paste him into my favorite stuff. I’d love to see him in a Jurassic Park movie, since that’s one of my favorite franchises. Probably the new one that they’re making now, though. Although he could work with the military types in the second…

Also if I could go back in time, I’d put a younger version of him in East of Eden. That would kill me. I’m not sure how much I could support a remake of any of Dean’s films, but I’d allow if if baby Reedus could play a part. He has sort of that same quality, although it’s hard to compare anyone to James Dean. 


Ultimate Photo Collection of Norman Reedus [11/∞]


Ultimate Photo Collection of Norman Reedus [11/]

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