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When you ask people to stop posting your gifs, and they blame you for losing credit because you didn’t add a watermark… No I’m not going to add a super annoying block of words to everything I make just so you can feel less guilty about stealing.

If you could put Norman in a movie, in what would be? I imagine him in Pirates of the Caribbean ... A dream seeing him perform with Johnny Depp (sighs)


That sounds so wonderful :) I love this so much, you’re letting me paste him into my favorite stuff. I’d love to see him in a Jurassic Park movie, since that’s one of my favorite franchises. Probably the new one that they’re making now, though. Although he could work with the military types in the second…

Also if I could go back in time, I’d put a younger version of him in East of Eden. That would kill me. I’m not sure how much I could support a remake of any of Dean’s films, but I’d allow if if baby Reedus could play a part. He has sort of that same quality, although it’s hard to compare anyone to James Dean. 


Ultimate Photo Collection of Norman Reedus [11/∞]


Ultimate Photo Collection of Norman Reedus [11/]

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I try to stay away from these types of messages, but I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate the follow. Whether you’ve been here since day 1, 2 years ago, or 30 minutes total, you guys are great. We’re a pretty chill bunch, eh? xx

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Do you ever feel   a b a n d o n ed?

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That awkward moment where you almost don’t recognize your own photo…Once again, I took this, and I’d rather not see edits of it!

That awkward moment where you almost don’t recognize your own photo…

Once again, I took this, and I’d rather not see edits of it!


I’m laughing so hard. I was just going through some caps looking for something nice to edit when I came across this cap:

laughing so hard. It’s like he’s gotta update his facebook status like:

Murphy MacManus: busy killing some scumbag *srs face* with: Connor MacManus
*Connor MacManus likes this*



Your tumblr is my fav. You´re so adorable and the GIF´s makes me laugh a lot! Do you have a favorite one that makes you laugh everytime you see it? Please, share with us! Thanks, sweetie! :*


x3 thank you so much sugar!

Yes I do have some favorites. This might appeal more to a sick sense of humor, but one of his final scenes in Six Ways to Sunday (spoiler alert) is awesome. This is like by far one of my favorite pictures of him. Him getting embarrassed is adorable.  And this part from Davis is Dead is just golden.


edit: I almost forgot my silly one xD



Graphic based on blogs ✪

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This blog is about Norman Reedus and all the characters he has made, with The Walking Dead, Rickyl, fashion and random posts. Introducing you chandra75.

these are so fucking rad!

Save me…


because I can’t stare at this…


…and don’t think at this…


(Pic from Sean’s IG, gif by veritaaas )